Gabriel with Friends: on the last day of July.

Because it was just like any other Wednesday (where I have a random 4-hour break between work sessions and free time at night to meet friends) To celebrate the dusk of July Harry Potter’s birthday, I decided to meet up with friends.



The first was Kenneth, who’s my weekly chill-in-the-day buddy because he’s unemployed Looking For Himself, where we had a fantastically cheap lunch at Seah Im Food Centre and then moved to Costa Coffee for our usual drawing/sketching (him) and manga reading/blog post writing/normal book reading (me).


Catching up on the latest Naruto of the week, together with a super huge chai tea latte (that was actually not too bad, if I remember correctly).

After that (and a work session), I braved rush hour traffic and headed to Holland Village to meet two of the other three members of my Jurong gang.


After a brief, not that great (as per usual) dinner at Everything with Fries, we headed over to d’Good Café, because what kind of lifestyle blogger would I be if I didn’t at least squeeze in one post from there?


The decor of the cafe is quite pretty, with random rabbits running around and one particularly popular section that has some turf and a few swings.


Aaron demo-ing the swing set.


The azuki matcha cake that one of us (I can’t remember who) had. Even for a fan of both ingredients, I don’t remember this being all that good.


I also had the egg pudding thing, which seems to be a pretty popular item that I see plastered all hipster-ly all over Instagram nowadays. It was decent but, again, not all that memorable.


My matcha latte. Not as good as either Starbucks’ or McCafé’s (well, there’s something you don’t hear everyday).


We took turns on the swing which appears to be way more for hipster cred and a nice quaint feel than any sort of actual comfort. Thing was rocky, to say the least.


Aaron sampling his latte.


Wei Jian’s turn on the non-swing seats.


Here, you can see some of the rest of the café. The place has another floor above it with an al fresco (i.e. humid and sweltering, knowing Singapore’s weather) area.


Having heard so much and seen so many pictures of d’Good Café, I was a little disappointed. The food was nothing to shout home about (and pretty pricey too) and, with the exception of the style-over-function little spot with the swings, the rest of the decor was just your run-of-the-mill coffee joint. Don’t think I’d go back there too soon, especially not with the inexplicably high amount of traffic the place sees.

d’Good Café
273 Holland Avenue #02-01/02 Singapore 278992
Opening hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-10pm
Friday and Saturday: 10am-11pm


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