Take my money, Nintendo, just take it.

A couple of days ago, Nintendo Direct (which is the official online announcement platform) released this video and, I assumed, shut down the internet for like five minutes from the sudden explosion of the Pokémon fandom. While not as omgwhatthehey?! as the one first showing off mega evolutions, this one brings with it quite a lot of exciting details about the next gen! I’ll describe them a little for those who didn’t actually watch the almost 20 minutes video above.

Firstly, there’ll be an online Pokémon cloud storage called Pokémon Bank, which I’m guessing is sort of like the Kalos version of Dropbox. I’m still not sure of how the thing will actually work or why I would need one (especially since there’s going to be an annual fee to be paid) so I’m just going to KIV this one. Filed under “not that interesting news to me”.

Secondly, the Kanto starters are back! Not only that, we’ll be getting both a Kalos starter and a Kanto one to play our game with! This is wayyyyyy interesting, if a bit scary cause it poses a whole new dilemma of what combination of starters I should start my first playthrough with. And not only that, the Kanto starters get mega evolutions too!

I have to say though, that compared to the other mega formes that have already been revealed, these ones don’t look all that exciting.


They gave Charizard a few more spikes here and there, which somehow makes him seem more derivative and Neopets-like than before. Would have been way cooler to give him dark stripes or something, just like the Charizard clone in The First Movie.


When I first saw the mega Venusaur, I couldn’t even tell what was changed. I had to Google the original Venusaur to see that it basically got a few more vines, leaves and a flower on its head (original one below for comparison).



Blastoise had perhaps the most dramatic transformation, although I laughed out loud the first time I saw it. It kinda looks ridiculous now. I assume it can now go tete-a-tete with the best Dodrio out there.

Whatever it is, I’m hoping that they would get some amazingly upgraded abilities in their mega formes because the formes themselves aren’t all too impressive.

Lastly, there will be special edition 3DS XLs coming out to coincide with the game and they’re pretty gorgeous!

tumblr_mslowztn8J1qzp9weo3_1280 tumblr_mslowztn8J1qzp9weo4_1280

I mean, they do look like just fancy decals stuck on to regular 3DS XLs but at least they’re a bit nicer looking than the originals! It might not be the 3DS Lites I’m so greatly hoping for but at least they’ll go with the theme. I just hope they aren’t too much more expensive than the usual ones, though. If they are, I’ll just get a normal one and buy my own decal. 


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