Pokémon eXcitement.

So, Pokémon X and Y launches worldwide tomorrow. Other than, y’know, actually playing the game, one of my favourite parts about new releases is the spoilage that comes before D-Day and this year, the harvest has been bountiful.

Since I last posted about the games, there have been several spoilers leaking around, most notably with the final evolutions of the starters but I hadn’t talked about them because no one could figure out if they were faked or not. Now that they’ve been spoiled by Corocoro magazine, it’s all Official, y’all.



The grass starters have always been the most meh to me and this generation is no different. I do think that the hoodie-toting first level is kinda cute and this Ferrothorn-on-‘roids isn’t all that bad but it’s definitely the one I’m not picking in XY.



Firstly, yay for no more fire/fighting! I might be a big fan of all the fire/fighting starters so far but there’s only so many times you can flog a dead horse (or chicken. Or monkey. Or pig). Firefox here actually does not look as exciting as I’d hoped it would turn out based on its basic form but it still looks pretty cool, burning branch and all. Plus, it’s supposed to represent the mage class (and I think it’s so excellent that all three starters’ secondary types form a triangle of their own) and that’s my default option in almost all RPGs. Totally would be going for this, if not for…



Although I’ve always pledged my allegiance to the water type as my primary one, I’ve never been all that impressed by any of the water starters (yes, i no liek mudkipz), preferring to go with the fire(most probably fighting) ones instead. This has changed this generation. Although I’m not usually a thief/rogue user (which is what this fella is meant to be) and I was just okay with its first two levels, this is by far the coolest water starter ever and definitely my favourite this generation. I mean, it’s a NINJA FROG. It’s basically Jiraiya. Which is all sorts of awesome.

Along the way, several other new Pokémon were also spoiled (in fact, all the new ones have been leaked already. For the full list, click here) and I’m pretty excited about them!

681-b 691


The final in the line of swords, and I think it’s pretty cool. Like most of the interwebz, I loved Honedge but was a bit disappointed with Doublade, its evolution, since Game Freak seemed to be going down the “when in doubt, just double them” way again. This is a pretty pleasant surprise (mostly because it’s not just three swords slapped together). And the sword has a shield of its own! How cute.


When I was choosing between X and Y, I was going down the list of version exclusives and while Y was totally swaying (the only thing I preferred in the X version is the most amazing Mega Charizard), the one choice I was pretty nonchalant about was between Clauncher and Skrelp, since they both looked pretty decent to me if not terribly exciting. Having decided on Y ultimately, I’m now super excited because Skrelp (the Y exclusive) evolves into the very cool Dragalge, which not only looks tons more interesting than Clawitzer (Clauncher’s evolution) but is also a water/dragon type, which is always useful.

(Plus, the version exclusive list now includes all the previous gen Pokémon and I’m really glad I went with Y. Although I’d have to give up old favourite Starmie, I’d get Heracross and Tyranitar, both mainstays on my all-stars team. Woo!)

Although it’s kinda disappointing that this new generation will only have 69 new Pokémon, which is the least amount of new designs of any generation thus far, it looks like there’s actually a pretty large number of quality newbies there so I guess it all works out. Xcited about tomorrow!


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