Looking back at 2013: The Year of a Thousand Changes (and Not Just in Phones).

2013 was, by all accounts (well, maybe just mine), a pretty exciting year. Although several patterns this year followed the last, it also stood out from previous years in many different ways. Most notably, 2013 was…

The Year of the Killer Semester

Starting the year off with a(n academic) bang, I ended university life with the most intense semester I’ve ever had. Four honours-level modules and an elective (I haven’t even had more than four modules per semester since the first year), a research paper to be done from scratch (including conducting experiments solo), transiting from being a co-cell leader of an established church cell to being a solo cell leader for a brand new cell (with all the difficulties that entails) and a physical fitness test to clear.

Looking back now, that final semester in school seemed smoother than expected but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t so great when I was actually going through it. So thankful it’s over.

The Year of the Graduation

Following that killer semester, I graduated! While I haven’t actually had any sort of big reaction or much feelings toward graduating, it is nonetheless the culmination of the last four years of my life and the start of the next stage so I guess that’s pretty important.

The Year of the Operation

Thanks to a sinusitis infection and/or massive sinus blockage (I’m still not exactly sure what happened), I had my very first operation ever. It wasn’t a big procedure or anything but I did have to undergo GA and stay overnight in the hospital after for observation so I’m totally counting it as one of my Events of the year. Not one I’d ever like to go through again, though.

The Year of the Full-Time Job

Granted, I had already been at this job that I’m currently doing for two years before graduation, I ramped up the number of weekly sessions once I left school. In fact, I started with a new client on the day of my final exam. Although there isn’t much difference between doing this job part-time or full-time, it was nice to be able to have lots of empty breaks in between sessions without worrying about classes or assignments, consistent schedules (with free nights since I have no over-time) and, of course, additional income. Which, sadly, led to…

The Year of the Technological Explosion (Part 2) i.e. the Year of the Wallet Haemorrhage

I thought last year was bad enough but I guess some mountains are meant to be scaled. This year, I spent so much money on gadgetry that I have to separate them into different categories, including:

  1. Phones: In total, I had three new phones this year (the Google/LG Nexus 4 [most excellent but battery life was too mediocre for an on-the-go job like mine], the Samsung Note II [battery life was never ending but whoa was that thing way too big for my pockets] and my current set, the iPhone 5S [great at everything, battery life is short but recharges quickly, but is prone to respringing for no reason]), switching back to the iPhone 4 in between them.
  2. Gaming: Thanks to the release of Pokémon X/Y, getting a 3DS (XL) was pretty much a given. As with the last generation, however, I actually had more games I liked on the Sony handheld (especially when comparing the Vita library to the 3DS one and comparing the PS Store/Plus to Nintendo’s crappy e-store) so I got myself a Vita too, since prices were decent and some of the games I wanted were fast going out of stock.
  3. Other lifestyle devices: Got the Canon Powershot S110 as the sandwiched device between my always-with-me-but-quality-not-that-great phone camera and the way-powerful-but-way-bulky Sony NEX-F3D. Wasn’t initially planning on getting it as it was out of my budget range but thanks to the release of the S120, the S110 plunged in price and I snatched one for a pretty decent discount. Also? I co-bought (with my parents) a freaking Macbook Air 11″. So far it hasn’t really justified its cost yet but I’m hoping it’ll increase in use if I do end up going back to school again later this year.

I’m not sure having more disposable income means I’m literally supposed to just hurl my hard-earned dough away like that. Still, I guess I’m set with my devices for quite a while. Like, two months or so.

The Year of the Cat

And last but not least (especially not in price), I got a cat! Have been wanting a pet for years but have never gotten down to getting one since my school schedule was always so turbulent and I knew that getting a pet would involve significant investments in time, especially at the start, to settle into a decent routine. Since working full-time afforded me that flexibility to allocate my time, I finally (after a few months of searching) found the perfect cat! It’s been a pretty fun (if bumpy) ride so far with Roger Furderer and there have been several moments that made me question my decision to get him (like when he’s scratching the heck out of every surface in the house) but every once in a while he’ll do something so incredibly cute and endearing (like sleeping in my arms) that it’ll make it all worth it.

So, it’s been a pretty busy year for me. Here’s looking forward to an even more exciting (but only in a good way) 2014. Cue the miswriting of dates on all our documents for two months!

eta. Oh oh I totally forgot! It was also The Year of the Concert. Yes, just one – JJ Lin’s concert in Singapore (featuring surprise guest Stefanie Sun). It was so awesome. It’s been years since I went for my last one and I’m so glad I chose this to be the first one I start consistent concert-going with.


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