I am Gabriel, hear me blog.

[This post is done in conjunction with the WordPress “Zero to Hero” 30 days programme.]

So, welcome to my blog. You must be wondering who I am and what this blog is about (and if you weren’t, well…you are now). Because I’m schizophrenic Because I have no shred of originality and love cliches To keep things fresh, I’m not going to bore you stiff with a gratuitous chunk of prose prattling on and on about myself. Instead, I’m going to bore you stiff with a question-and-answer session post!

1. Who are you?

I’m Gabriel. Fresh out of university and at that arbitrarily defined point in my life where I’m supposed to ponder my Identity and being an Adult and the Future and other such Stuff. Y’know, important questions like “What is my purpose in life?”, “What do I want to do now that school’s over?”, “Where do I hope to see myself in five years?” and “How is it that it’s already 2014 and we still have not found a way to make dental visits any less pants-wetting than being dropped into a volcano pit and being skinned alive…at the same time?”

2. What topics do you think you’ll be writing about?

Anything that fits into my interests. Things I observe in daily life, things I want to rant about, outings and gatherings with friends and family. Oh, and reviews. Lots and lots of reviews. Food restaurant reviews, book reviews, game reviews, tech gadget reviews (when the budget allows), movie reviews, TV show reviews. Basically anything I can get an opinion about, because what use does the Internet have if not to force my feelings about a certain something-or-other on to unwitting visitors and jaded followers right?

3. Isn’t that a whole lot of different topics? Doesn’t that seem a little…unfocused?

Well, maybe, but I’m too lazy to maintain separate blogs for different areas of interest I’d like to call it being Eclectic and Comprehensive.

4. Why are you blogging rather than writing in a journal? Why should I read your blog?

Because I’m narcissistic and exhibitionistic and everyone should have to hear what I have to say I believe I have Things to share with the world. Not terribly important ones, or even mildly important ones at that, but Sharing is Caring right?

5. If your blog is new, why do you already have so many posts? Why are you doing the Zero to Hero challenge?

Although I’ve been blogging for ages (think back to the days of CDs, physical books and -gasp- when the iPhone hadn’t even begun to be a seed [geddit?] in Jobs’ mind), I’ve always felt like my blog was a bit of a dud and this Zero to Hero programme seems great for spiffing it up a little. Plus, although there are several years of content here, this URL is brand-new and everything was just imported over so this, I guess, could be considered a fresh start. Ok fine, a few-days-old-but-not-gone-smelly start.

Also, I love themed challenges.

6. Who would you love to connect with via the blog? Who is your blog for?

Anyone who likes any of the things I like and blog about and/or wants to discuss them (in a civil manner. Which means you shouldn’t make me think you live under the bridge and are huge and smelly and green and respond to the name “Grahk?”).

Anyone who has joie de vivre (so they can explain to me what the heck it actually means).

Anyone who likes humourous bloggers (because then they can introduce me to some actual ones).

Or, given my past follower and page views counts, y’know, just anyone.


6 thoughts on “I am Gabriel, hear me blog.

  1. blinksan says:

    Hi! Found you through the Zero to Hero blogging forum! I really like your title… It was actually the reason I clicked to check out your blog! I love it! ^^ Will be stopping by occasionally from now on!

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