Categorically awesome.

[This post is done in conjunction with the WordPress “Zero to Hero” 30 days programme.]

Notice something new and exciting about the blog theme? No? Well, that’s awkward…

Well, for those who have yet to adjust to the awesomeness of my newly spiffed up theme or, more probably, have never been here during the Dark Ages of the original theme, I’ve added icon widgets into the sidebar leading to the About page and my newly created, newly organised Categories page! This is all in keeping with today’s Zero to Hero challenge but is actually something I’ve been wanting to do for ages.

Categories page

In keeping with the new colour, crayon-ish theme, I’ve also inserted a visually-consistent header (although for some reason it’s not as sharp as the others and appears to be surrounded by a faint little box) and made icons for all the categories themselves. I decided to put the categories on their own page instead of stuffing them all in the sidebar because even after careful consideration, merging several categories and deleting others, I’m still left with ten broad ones because I’m fickle and greedy and cannot decide on anything ever there is just too much awesomeness here to be separated into anything less.

The categories themselves should be pretty self-explanatory but, just in case I just happen to have terrible Theory of Mind and just assumed they’re easy to understand, here’s a quick breakdown of what they are.

Blog Matters

Blog Matters feature posts that revolve around, well, blog matters, ranging from things like theme changes to refocusing and redirection of content and whatnot. This post, for example, will be found here once I hit “Publish”.

Bookworm blogging

As mentioned in my Introduction post a while back, there will be (hopefully) plenty of book reviews here on this blog and this is where they will be housed. This will contain other posts pertaining to books like my responses to The Broke and the Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday weekly meme and, somewhat misleadingly, any posts about my own budding (or rather, nipped in the bud) writing “career”.


This will contain posts where I yak incessantly about things I want, justify (to myself) things I plan to get, and complain about things that I have bought.

Family friends

Ah, my two favourite F-words. As you can tell, this will house all the posts that feature either my family members or friends. Gatherings, meetings, quarrels (hopefully not) and maybe even an occasional gush/tribute or two.

Gabriel Geeks Out

This will probably be one of the biggest sections (and one of the ones I’ll be closely monitoring to see if I should further split them up). Anything that concerns gadgetry (of which I have enough to rival five James Bonds), technology, games and even music and TV will be here (because I don’t think I’ll blog enough about the latter two to have a separate Entertainment category). Also, lots and lots of Pokémon.

Gabriel's Gastronomy

Despite what it might sound like, this category will not be about my recipes and my amazing concoctions, for the simple fact that I have none. I can barely even cook a passable pot of instant noodles (for which the instructions are basically “put in hot water and boil the heck out of it”). Rather, posts featuring other people’s foods and restaurant reviews go here.

Personal Time

This will probably be the (most) boring category to most of you readers out there because this category will house posts where I talk about myself in some way or other. Probably in some kind of self-deprecating, semi-depressing tirade about the type of changes that I need to make to Better myself and that I will never actually make.

Rambles & rants

Because what is a journal on the internet without copious amounts of complaining, whining and generally blabberation?

Random awesomeness

Posts that I don’t know how to categorise are too awesome to be shoehorned into a box go here.

Sunny Island

Finally, Sunny Island will contain any post that talks about my happy, hot-but-wet little island home of Singapore. This section will probably have lots of overlap with Gabriel’s Gastronomy since almost every restaurant I eat at will be, well, in Singapore. Once in a while, though, it might contain something when my nationalistic pride flares (or, more probably, when I have something to complain about).


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