d’Good Life.


In between the hustle and bustle of my many work sessions, I had to take time out to bring Roger Furderer to the pet shop for his monthly (free, lest you think I grow money in my garden. I mean, come on let’s be realistic – I don’t even have a garden.) grooming.

So, since Marcus very kindly agreed to send me there and back, we decided to head to a nearby cafe for some nomsmication while Roger was getting pampered out.


The last time we tried to eat at d’Good Cafe (during the last grooming session because apparently I only meet friends when they can drive me on errands), we couldn’t get a seat. Thankfully, the cafe was pretty empty today and we settled on having our meal on the rooftop, something finally doable thanks to the decent weather (and fans. No, not that one in the picture. That’s a windmill). We even had the whole rooftop to ourselves!


I had the English breakfast set with the most face-squishing Sunrise (orange + lemon) drink ever (S$19.50 for the whole set). The food was a mixed bag.

Despite the slightly cheap look, the bread was crisp and the eggs were really well-done and seasoned perfectly. The sausage and bacon were tasty, if not terribly memorable. The tomato, though, tasted strangely overripe and the mushrooms were a bit too…mushroomy (as you can see I’m obviously not going to be reviewing food on any actual website or magazine soon).


Marcus’ carbonara, which he said was decent but proved too overwhelming halfway through.


No hipster cafe jaunting is complete without a rooftop (if there’s one) selfie.


After collecting Roger, I got him a new collar to replace his crummy one. Since red is my new favourite colour Chinese New Year is just around the corner, I got him a particularly auspicious one.


And here he is, enjoying his new collar nullifying the grooming washup by licking the heck out of himself.


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