Editorializing (editorialating?) my calendar.

[This post is done in conjunction with the WordPress “Zero to Hero” 30 days programme.]

After having not adhered to the Zero to Hero programme for the last week or so (due to laziness not having enough time), I finally can resume just in time to end the Z2H race well. The Day 29 task set out for us to think about our editorial calendar and consider adding a regular feature, which is exactly what I’ve been thinking about these past few days anyway!

I came up with several ideas but because I’ve learnt from experience (i.e. crashing and burning) that we should never ever jump into a billion new pans at once (or attempt using idioms we aren’t really all that sure about), I’m going to go with the most fun, and (I assume) the easiest one.

Starting this Sunday, I’ll be doing a post at the end of every week listing down some of my obsessions of the past week, anything (songs, videos, ideas, books, games etc.) that have hogged a considerable amount of my brain juice and time (which, considering my almost-clinical level of deficit, is pretty much anything more than, like, 20 minutes) in the last seven days.

I’ll also be aiming to do at least one Top Ten Tuesday (the book meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) a month, provided the topics given are ones I have anything to write about.

So, watch out for these posts!

3 thoughts on “Editorializing (editorialating?) my calendar.

    • The Great Gabsby says:


      Not that I’m an expert on it (since, y’know, I haven’t actually started) but maybe go for something simple and easy for you to do first? Something totally in your comfort zone. Then move on to greater things from there.

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