Weekly Obsessions #1.

As mentioned on my final Zero to Hero post a few days back, I’ve decided to start on regular features on this blog, the first being a Sunday post on my obsessions for the past week. The second half of this week was taken up by Lunar New Year festivities so I guess my obsessions this week were “stuffing myself silly with an incredibly varied amount of sinful delicacies” and “mahjong”.

Still, there were two other things that hogged my time.

#1: The Civil Wars’ “You Are My Sunshine”

(action starts around 0:50)

There’s nothing I love more than a good cover that changes up the song from the original and this version of “You Are My Sunshine” has been stuck in my head for the past two weeks ever since I discovered it hiding innocuously in my Spotify library. Unlike some of the originals, this version is devoid of its usual chirpy gait and quite dark and depressing, which really highlighted what the lyrics were talking about (i.e. made me read them for the first time even though I’ve known this song pretty much since I was born) and is, I think, how it should have been sung all along.

#2: “Let It Go” in 234982340982304 languages

Like pretty much everyone else, I think Disney has really hit the mark again with this song (no idea about the movie since I haven’t caught it yet). It’s catchy, it’s dramatic, it’s well-sung (even though I’m not actually a fan of Idina Menzel’s screechy voice). The icing (heh.) on the cake, though, as to be this multilanguage version that Disney released to, I assume, warm (heh heh.) the loins of all the Frozen fans out there regardless of what they can speak. It’s pretty cool to be able to hear it in so many different tongues, even if I totally failed my Asian roots and couldn’t identify  the Thai and Cantonese versions without looking at the captions (and that’s even though I can understand and even speak some Cantonese myself!)

My favourite version? Probably the Mandarin one.

I mean, the title of this one pretty much translates to “Fine, let her be!”. (The Cantonese version‘s in close contention, though, if only for that one line which translates to “I reject your cooperation!”, which is totally what I’m going to say next time someone I don’t like agrees with me on something).


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