Weekly Obsessions #2.

Seeing as I’ve been swamped with gatherings, work and research this week, I haven’t had the time to be obsessed with too much. That is, except with this new app called WaterMinder, which keeps track of how much water you’ve had in the day.


As my Spendee app would attest to, I love keeping track of important bits of my daily life. I guess it gives me a game-fied sense of achievement for doing things that I should be doing anyway. Plus, because I’ve always been quite big on making sure I hydrate enough for the day (but sometimes forget how well I’m keeping to my target because I have goldfish memory), this app is great for helping me to, y’know, not be so terrible at it.


WaterMinder works simply. Based on your weight and sex, the app will recommend a minimum to keep to each day and every time you drink something, you can note it down. The user interface is easy to navigate, pretty and the app even lets you see at a glance how dehydrated you’ve been this week.


It’s not perfect, though. For some reason, instead of allowing you to just enter a certain amount, the app offers you three specific volumes to pick from and the ability to enter up to only three custom ones. I’ve no idea why this is so but it’s kinda irritating when I drink from something that I can’t simply add a combination of from my existing choices.

Still, this is a great app for those who are mindful about how much they drink. Have you been drinking enough lately?


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