Weekly Obsessions #3.

My weekly obsessions this week are both oldies classics and hey, even if I’m a little behind the curve (read: several years), it’s never a bad time to visit old gems eh?

1. Buso Renkin


Released between 2006-2007, Buso Renkin is a 26-episode anime based on the manga of the same name and revolves around a band of alchemic warriors against alchemic monsters known as homunculi.

The show certainly isn’t perfect by any chance. Most of the characters are underdeveloped, the ending is a little anti-climatic (although the lead-up was amazing) and the animation quality is, naturally, dated.

Despite that, I blew through the entire series within a week, watching a couple of episodes whenever I could. Some of the characters are really endearing, the various weapons the warriors employ are interesting and the action zooms along at a healthy clip. Perhaps because it only has 26 episodes, there isn’t any time to waste anywhere and there is rarely any draggy moment.

Not the best anime ever but definitely a recommended watch, especially for those not fond of thousand-episode epics.

2. 麻将天下


As someone who has grown up watching and playing mahjong with my family, mahjong games on the go are definitely a favourite of mine and this was one of the very first apps I got for my very first iPhone all those years back. Since then, I’ve tried several other mahjong apps but none match this one in terms of graphics, implementation and general addictiveness.

(Note, though, that this is a single-player game against AI. It’s not one of those games pitting you against real-life opponents in real-time. I’m not fond of those)

Having laid off the game for several years, I recently redownloaded it this past two weeks and, lo and behold, barely played anything else since then. This game single-handedly caused all of my late nights in the last few days.


The game might be a little intimidating for those who don’t know Mandarin or the rules of mahjong (although it might make for a good starting ground for those willing to learn) and the actual rounds move at such a quick pace I usually can’t even tell what tiles the other players in the game have discarded, but for those in the know, this is one of those games where you’ll keep promising yourself just one more round of and then end up getting a hand cramp three hours later from holding your phone too long.

Definitely a must-play for mahjong lovers.


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