Weekly Obsessions #4.


1. Shaman King

Continuing on the so-old-but-so-good trend from last week, I’ve been revisiting Shaman King, a manga series I started years ago but never got far in. This time round, I managed to make it all the way to the end of the series and it was pretty worth the while! There were a few puzzling spots (perhaps due to spotty translations), the characters’ power levels were quite inconsistent and the ending was a bit of a cop-out but I think overall there were several good moments that pulled the series up. The implementation of the various culturally-different shaman types, for example, was most interesting. Definitely worth the read (I heard the anime is vastly different and nowhere near as good so I’d stick to the manga first).

2. Smoothie King

Apparently a huge chain that has now come to sunny Singapore, I’ve gotten so hooked to this that I’ve had it three times over three days this week! I’m not sure how healthy the drinks actually are but I’m pretty sure they’re at least more nutritious than soda drinks and the frappucinochiattos that we often guzzle down from coffee joints and calorie counts are listed for all the products so at least there’s a rough estimate for those watching their diets.

Not only are the prices slightly cheaper than Starbucks (which I’m totally counting under the same category because this place is more a cafe than a restaurant), the food is actually pretty good! I’ve tried a taco, wrap and salad each and while the wrap was the best, the other two weren’t too bad and definitely as good as, or better than, food joints with similar price ranges (like Subway). And, of course, the smoothies are fantastic too! The chain offers a staggering amount of choices (many of them customisable) pandering to all sorts of tastes and I’ve loved all three that I’ve tried so far.

Since the food here is at cafe prices, I don’t think it’s feasible to have it for every meal but it’s definitely great for those once-in-a-while moments where one wants to eat healthy(er).

As you can see , both obsessions are named quite similarly, with the same initials (so…SKII?) and sharing an identical word. They’re quite different from each other, though I guess Smoothie King sounds like a fun romp of an anime and Shaman King sounds like it’ll be an…interesting sip.


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