Weekly Obsessions #5.

As with most times when a NimbleBit game comes out, my weekly obsession was just one thing:


Although I had given Disco Zoo a pretty glowing First Impressions review, I didn’t expect it to be as addictive or interesting as Tiny Tower or Pocket Trains. Despite that, it’s been three days and I’m still playing this game any moment I can. In fact, I was supposed to churn out this post about an hour ago but guess what has keeping me?

The game really strikes the balance between making the game challenging and yet keeping the player hooked. The Battleship-style rescue missions are a huge obstacle for memory-deficients like me (especially with the sheer number of patterns to remember and the ridiculousness of some of them) but it’s insanely satisfying when you remember how the animal patterns in a particular puzzle should be like and manage to deduce exactly where they are by elimination.

If you haven’t played Disco Zoo yet, get downloading! It’s free, it’s fun, it’s DISCO FEVER, BABY!


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