Weekly Obsessions #6.

Having joked about SKII in one of my previous entries, this week my obsession really is about face care. After meeting up with some friends earlier in the week and getting lectured about the importance of taking good care of the face, I headed down to the nearest Watsons to up my face care routine (or, y’know, have one at all).


Having stuck to soap and pretty basic face washes all my life, I had no idea what to get but thankfully my friends gave me several recommendations, including some that actually fit the budget of someone who doesn’t earn the GDP of Australia every month.


The first was the one item I have actually used before – Cetaphil (although before this little splurge I’d been subsisting on its Frenemy #1 – QV). Found a great pack of two 1l gentle skin cleansers that cost S$53 and came with a little travel pack, a pretty good deal, if memory serves.


The cute little travel-sized goodies that came with the package. I’m not actually going to use any of them much because of the next items on the list but I’ll just lug them around with me when I go out because apparently getting a good face cleanse in a crowded mall toilet is an actual Thing now.


Got this Hado Labo hydration lotion thing which is supposed to be both moisturizing and toning. This has been my favourite of my purchases by far because it’s water-based and so light it’s ridiculous. It’s so much better than the moisturizers that I have tried before (and stopped because they just felt way too greasy) and I love how it makes my face feel after I’ve slathered a little on.


As someone who’s out roaming the streets during the insane heat of the Singaporean afternoon, I decided to get some sunblock to apply before I head out of the house. Aaron recommended me this brand and apparently it moisturizes as well, which is great since I just need to put this on for the day (and leave the Hado Labo for night time usage).


Been applying all these fervently these last few days (and even added some body spray sunblock to protect the arms and legs [because skin cancer sucks] and even got some foot mousse [which apparently you can’t eat] for my cracked heel [yes, just one]) so here’s hoping I’ll see some improvement on this grimy mug above soon. At the very least, if I can’t be radiant I’ll at least be really really shiny.


Ending off this post with the optimistic but desperate and slightly unnerved smile of someone who has suddenly burned a huge hole in his pocket on products that he hopes will be at least marginally useful.


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