Weekly Obsession #7: Euphoriaaaaaaa!

This week, my only obsession has been this ginormous earworm that I actually first came across in 2012. To be specific, it’s a 2013 performance of a 2012 song that I just found out is on Spotify and thus have been looping nonstop these few days.

In 2012, Loreen (a Swedish Idol alum!) won the Eurovision contest by one of the biggest landslides in the history of the competition. Having heard the song shortly after she won the show, it wasn’t hard to see why it was such a smash hit. It’s dramatic, has a great hook, and tends to pop up in one’s head at the most inopportune of moments. In fact, that was the song that led me to look up previous winners and also watch last year’s competition…

…which is where Loreen, as the incumbent champion, opened the semi-finals.

(action starts around 2:30)

This version is, I think, even cooler than the original, if only because I’m a sucker for theatrical, children-choir-ish arrangements that start off slow before crescendo-ing into a heart-rousing cacophony of drums, violins and Loreen’s soaring (if somewhat eerie) vocals.

The studio version of this arrangement that’s found on Spotify is actually slightly different but both are fanmazing.

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