Weekly Obsessions: Goooooood luck Charlie!


I had heard several good things about this show and, when I randomly came across the full seasons on Youtube, I decided to take the plunge and try an episode out…which led to me binge-watching seasons at a shot. The show is really not bad!

Of course, it is a Disney comedy aimed at younger kids so it definitely isn’t an Arrested Development, Parks and Rec, or even Modern Family. The plots are thin, the punchlines a bit too pronounced and contrived, and the canned laughter that literally goes off after every two sentences sure doesn’t help.

Still, the acting is pretty good (if somewhat Theatre 101) for a kiddy show and they do employ some pretty interesting ideas and devices for different episodes. In particular, I’m quite fond of the random, often fantastical endings the episodes have. Plus, the characters are ridiculously endearing (even if they don’t have much development, an issue endemic to sitcoms)! Although lead character Teddy is kind of a snooze, the rest of the family (from narcissistic drama queen mum Amy to goofy airhead brother PJ) is a hoot, as are the random supporting characters (in particular Teddy’s volleyball teammates). Of course, it doesn’t hurt that there’s a Gabe (who’s a lovable evil genius prankster) in the show, and an American Idol alum who, who knew?, has some comedic chops!

Good Luck Charlie might not be winning any Emmys any time soon, but it’s great for some chillax afternoon viewing. Just don’t get addicted like me!


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