Weekly Obsessions: getting Fitter, Bit by Bit.

It all started with a little dongle.

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Having considered a Fitbit for ages and made the painstaking decision between a One and a Flex, I headed down to the nearest Challenger and snagged one at a 10% discount!

Since then, I’ve had a ball tracking my daily steps and (quite importantly for a sub-clinical insomniac like me) my sleeping patterns.

Although I quite regret not getting the Flex (turns out the always-on-the-wrist factor is more important to me than a screen, [wonky] stairs tracking and the constant anxiety of losing my One), the One has been a treasure trove of information about my activity levels and also serves as a motivator because gamifying exercise is totally awesome.

Plus, thanks to the fact that I can enter customised amounts more easily, it tracks my water intake much better than previous Weekly Obsession WaterMinder does!

Alas, the one thing it doesn’t do that well at is nutrition tracking since the database is US-only and pretty limited for someone staying here in Sunny Singapore. Thankfully, it syncs perfectly with MyFitnessPal, another great find of mine this week.


The app is awesome! Its database is insanely comprehensive, even for random hawker centre fares (and remarkably consistent in terms of calorie counts) and I love the barcode scanner for super accurate nutritional information logging.

Although some might find doing such intense data tracking of one’s daily life quite tedious, I actually find it quite fun, as seen by how consistently I’ve been logging into Spendee. Stats-allergic though I am, I guess there are certain figures which do tickle my fancy. Probably cause it gives me a slight sense of having some sort of control over the hurricane that is life.



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