Weekly Obsession: Stuff I Now Know.


  • that non-musical spoken words are great on-the-road entertainment, especially for people like me with travel-heavy jobs and the inability to read while walking
  • that audiobooks are a great example of this but are often costly and not all books are appropriate for split-attention commuting (who, for example, has the cognitive capacity to listen through name-laden tomes like Game of Thrones while navigating the urban nightmare that is peak hour traffic?)
  • that podcasts are great (and free) alternatives to try, especially as they don’t require such meticulous memory of every prior mentioned detail
  • that Stuff You Should Know is an awesome podcast which has shown me that it’s apparently possible to binge-listen
  • that the SYSK podcasters have pleasant voices (which is inexplicably rare amongst the podcasts I’ve tried), speak at just the right pace (both literally and in terms of content spacing) and pepper their info-jammed episodes with just the right amount of witty banter
  • that random, boring-sounding topics like Vultures and Could You Live Without A Refrigerator could actually turn out so interesting and captivating despite going on for 40-minute chunks
  • that technical topics like How The Rosetta Stone Works or How Salt Works could be made so easy-to-understand and engaging with the right script and delivery
  • that I could be so enraptured by podcasts (or just this one, specifically) that I forewent reading or gaming many times even when I was safely seated on the train or bus, just so I could pay more attention to what was being discussed

Thanks Stuff You Should Know. These are all stuff I now know.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Obsession: Stuff I Now Know.

  1. Amy Peveto (@AmyPeveto) says:

    I used to listen to “Stuff You Should Know” more often when I was commuting, but I’ve since moved much closer to work and find it’s too hard to listen to a podcast while doing pretty much anything other than driving. Kind of a bummer, but I’m glad to know the show is still being discovered.

    Also, I’m passing on to you a Liebster Award. Here’s the details. Thanks for being a great blogger!

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