Weekly Obsession: It’s-A-Me, Mario!


As I mentioned last week, my new love is listening to audio information while on the go. Having taken up an Audible subscription, I’ve spent this week listening to the most excellent Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America.

I’ll be coming out with a full review for it soon (ish. Maybe. Hopefully.) so I won’t elaborate too much here but *spoiler alert* I thought the book was well-written – informative without being dull and packed with delightful gaming puns – and even better narrated.

I mean, at several points, it made me want to buy the original Mario games just to give them a whirl (a desire I still have to quash because my backlog of games I’ve bought but haven’t even touched is just ridiculous) even though I’m not usually an action-adventure fan.

Definitely a recommended listen, even for those with the barest of contacts with games.


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