Weekly Obsessions: consumerism – 1, Gabriel (‘s wallet/s) – 0.

I haven’t really been obsessed with anything this week (at least not with anything I haven’t already mentioned) but, after not making any really big purchases this year (a record after the wallet-busting, gadget fest that was 2013), I made two meditated-impulse* buys on Monday and have been using them since then so I’m counting that.

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Burberry shades: everyone around me insists that a pair of good sunglasses for daily use is pretty much mandatory in sun-soaked Singapore and countless fashion magazines and blogs proclaim shades a sartorial necessity but I’ve never gotten a pair because

  • the good quality brands are ridiculously beyond my budget,
  • I don’t actually know whether I’ll actually use them, and
  • I’m fashion-challenged and thus have nothing to match the shades with (pretty sure I’m not going to make the cover of GQ pairing my shades with a t-shirt and khaki berms…because that is totally the only reason why I wouldn’t make the cover of GQ)

Still, I’ve been pretty concerned with protecting my eyes, especially since my job often involves me traipsing around the island under the blazing afternoon sun and when I stumbled upon this pair of Burberrys for half off (which finally put it kindasortamaybe into my financial reach), I spent the next three weeks wrecking my brains over it. When I came upon it at another outlet of Sunglass Hut, I (probably misguidedly) took that as a sign.

And that, kids, is how I got my first (and probably last) anything from Burberry.

It’s seen a surprising amount of use too, considering half the week has been washed out in torrential rains (the other default option for Singaporean weather).

Fossil chequebook wallet: I’ve been deliberating this for weeks but couldn’t justify the purchase since I had a perfectly fine wallet and I didn’t know whether I would actually use a long one. Still, in what I can only describe as “the floodgates [of my wallet] have burst forth”, I decided to get this after the shades as some sort of “how much more financial ruin can I wrought on myself in a single night” challenge.

So far, it’s been good using it! It’s a great fit for the local currency and I can store receipts nicely in the slots. The elongated coin slot in the middle of the wallet makes for much better distributed storage than the bulging coin pouch of my previous wallet. Plus, I can even throw my phone in and use it as a little carryall when I don’t want to lug my whole bag out.

It took a while to get used to not having it in my back pocket (especially since my daily bag of choice is a backpack, which means I have to dramatically twirl it around and unzip it to get the wallet) but apparently you aren’t supposed to keep wallets in your back pocket anyway (even for those that fit) so I guess I’m finally doing this The Right Way.

I just think it’s funny that (although it isn’t that expensive; I mean, even at full price it’s still cheaper than the shades at 50% off) I pretty much busted my wallet to get a new one.

Now, having pretty much exceeded my expendable income for the year (although the Asian in me is satisfied that at least the shades were 50% off), it’s back to surviving on that fabled wallet-mending diet of bread and water.

*the surprisingly frequent situation where, instead of randomly deciding to buy something I’ve just seen on-the-spot, I deliberate on something for an annoyingly long amount of time, and then randomly decide to buy it on-the-spot


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