I no liek Mudkipz.

That’s right. Unlike what appears to be the rest of the world, I’ve never been fond of the water starter family from Gen 3. Sure, Swampert was a veritable powerhouse in competitive battling, the epitome of the bulky water with great typing and a decent move pool. But I’ve always been a fond believer of judging Pokémon by their cover and always found the Mudkip family design rather meh (a problem common to all the water starters except the latest one, but most strongly here).

Until now.


Corocoro scan from Serebii

I’m loving Mega Swampert! Sure, Mega Blaziken’s been totally cool (and totally banned) throughout XY’s reign as the latest Pokémon title and Mega Sceptile, with its grass/dragon typing, looks to be pretty awesome too (even if it’ll die to, like, an Icy Wind), but it’s Mega Swampert that has stolen my heart.

I mean, look at the guy! He’s like the lovechild of a Swampert and a Hariyama, with a dash of Machamp somewhere in his steroid-pumped ancestry. He somehow manages to look totally adorable while being awesomely cool at the same time.

I have to say, this generation, with Greninja and Swampert Phat, has been awesome for a water-type lover like me, especially after the drought (heh) that was the previous few generations. Excited!

ps. Oh yes, and Atom Kyogre too.


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