Weekly Update: Games haul (a.k.a. I am a Kairosoftie).

For the past month and a half, my gaming time had been dominated by Tomodachi Life, the quirky Sims-but-not-really from Nintendo that has come to redefine micromanagement-but-not-really. Though my PS Vita has more games I want to play through, my 3DS was the device that stayed in my bag (and my hand) the past few weeks, as I laboured to cash in on the daily sales, grab the daily mystery bags, and make sure all my Miis Tomodachi stay happy and full.

Now that I’ve gotten bored with the game (it’s initially addictive and really weird but gets a monotonous), my focus was redirected towards mobile games this week. With my new Nexus 5 arriving, I now have viable gaming devices running both iOS and Android and just in time, too, with several discounts peppering the week on both platforms.

I got a pair of Kairosoft games, both on Android, one exclusive to Google’s platform for now (if I’m not wrong, Ninja Village iOS was also on sale but the Android version was cheaper). If you haven’t played a Kairosoft game before, stop reading this post (but only temporarily!), go download one and have a try (go with Game Dev Story; it’s insanely addictive and pretty cheap on iOS even without any discount). Their games are consistently well-made and addictive, instant buys for me the moment they go on discount.

Although they do all seem to have very similar gameplay to each other and thus get old after a while, their game themes vary enough so that there’s something for pretty much everybody. I haven’t played either of these two yet but their themes are the most interesting, to me, in several releases and I cannot wait to get cracking.

Ninja Village: App Store / Google Play
Magazine Mogul: Google Play (not on iOS yet)


The other, more expensive, game I got was Square Enix classic Secret of Mana iOS, which was on a 50% discount! I’d never gotten the chance to play the original SNES version before (or even the other rereleases on later consoles) but Seiken Densetsu 3 (the only-released-in-Japan sequel to this) remains one of my favourite games of all time and loads of reviewers have raved about this one so I decided to give it a go.

Secret of Mana: App Store

What about you, dear reader? What games have you bought/played recently? Have you played any of the above mentioned?


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