The mega to end all megas.

Corocoro magazine announced a new batch of megas a few days ago and before I can even finish figuring out exactly which target audience Mega Lopunny is supposed to pander to, another few have been leaked, this time apparently due to the Korean Pokémon website accidentally posting them up. And…

Source: Serebii

…STOP THE PRESSES! We have found a winner for most awesome Mega ever. No, I’m not talking about the Mega Audino that just looks like a fancier, shiny Audino or some derivative Neopet variant. I’m talking about MEGA (AWESOME) SLOWBRO. Look at that! He’s being eaten alive by a Shellder! I assume Rollout will play a lot into his new anime battling strategy.

This has been a great week of mega updates, what with superhero planes and giant clouds being announced, but nothing – and I mean nothing – will beat Snailbro.


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