Weekly Updates: Fantatonix, Fangamer.

Vocal insanity

The biggest highlight of the week had to be attending the Pentatonix concert. I never knew that PTX had such a big fanbase here in Singapore but tickets for their first two days sold out quicker than you can say “five part harmonies rock!” and my friends and I had to rush to get seats for their final night. It was all worth it, though.

Even though we were seated to the side and not the centre (and thus the sound from the speakers felt a bit off), it was still such an amazing experience. Having been a fan of theirs since their Sing-Off days, I’m surprised to say they sound even more incredible live.

Although Kirstie didn’t seem to get much talking or even solo singing time, the other four did and boy are they talented. Scott effortlessly flitted through the runs on his solos, Mitch’s crazy range was out in full force, Avi’s solo two-part vocal harmony was jaw dropping (and every time he spoke in his deep boom he sent all the girls seated around me into a tizzy), and Kevin’s beatboxing was a delight.

The concert was a tad short (just slightly over an hour) but the length was understandable, given the complexity and difficulty of the songs and arrangements. In fact, I was quite amazed that they all could still speak by the end of the night.

Definitely one of the best live performances I’ve attended.


Following the glut of mobile games I bought last week, I resolved not to spend any more money on games until I had played them all, a resolution that I broke almost immediately.

Several big titles were on sale this week on the Asian PS Vita Store and, because I’ve had my sights set on a few of them for months, I decided this was too good a chance to miss.

So, I plonkered down the credits for a PS Plus subscription, which gives an additional 10% off, for this month (which I’d been planning to get anyway since one of their free games in August is Street Fighter X Tekken), cursed my cell-sized memory card (and Sony for making their proprietary accessories so ridiculously expensive), and bought:

  • Final Fantasy X HD: I’ve never played this classic despite owning a PS2 and I’ve heard great things about this remake. It’s already been pretty cheap in stores (S$35) but I’ve been holding out and it finally paid off – it only cost me about S$18!
  • Tearaway: again, I’ve heard so many raves about this title but never felt willing to part with the S$50++ it was going for in stores, especially since I’m not actually a fan of its predecessor LittleBigPlanet. Still, at almost half price, this was too good to miss.
  • Soul Sacrifice Delta and Muramasa Rebirth: I haven’t heard that much about these two titles but SSD sounds interesting and MR was held by reviewers as the best looking game on Vita (not to mention steeped in Japanese culture references), which made for pretty good bargains at about half price each.

I have no idea when I’m ever going to get to start clearing my TBG (to-be-gamed) stack.


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