Weekly Updates: Games, Books, and some Artsy Stuff.

I’ve spent the most of my week in reservist (which I can’t talk about) but there were some pretty exciting developments throughout the week.

Singapore Night Festival

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I’m not normally one for these artsy festivals, culture-deficient plebeian that I am, but my friends wanted to go for our latest gathering so I had no choice but to trudge along to the Singapore Night Fest. Goodness, the entire stretch was so crowded and I barely emerged unscathed from the human peristalsis (how’s that for being all artsy and culture-y?).

Seeing as there were a gazillion events going on at once (with an equal number of people to match), we only managed to cover a few.


We went through the stretch near Dhoby Ghaut MRT, which was basically a gentrified (read: atas) pasar malam selling salads, beers, cheesesteaks and assorted fatteries.


After passing by the fancy light show that was the Singapore Art Museum (which we didn’t even bother to try after seeing the masses attempting entry), we headed down to the Armenian Church for the creepiest bit of the night, with glowing dresses hovering on the grass patch near the (for real) tombstones of Armenian parishioners past. The discordant organ music sure didn’t help with the goosebumps and neither did the fact that we were still in the Chinese Seventh Month.


Our final (and longest) stop for the night was at the Peranakan Museum where Grace, who used to work there, strapped on her docent chops and gave us a semi-guided tour of the facilities.

Games haul: great SNacKs



To celebrate the 20th (!!!) anniversary of King of Fighters, SNK dropped all their mobile titles to S$1.28 each so I snapped up the latest KoF title (App Store / Google Play) as well as the last Metal Slug (App Store / Google Play) for iOS because nostalgia. Both games don’t play that well, though, not being stretched to full 4″ display and sporting insensitive touch controls.


I also got Wayward Souls (App Store / Google Play), which was discounted on the Amazon App Store at S$2+. I’m not usually a fan of roguelikes but this has garnered such amazing reviews and, since it’s pretty pricey on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, I figured this sale would be the best chance to snag such a lauded title.


There were also a few big name free titles released this week. I downloaded the followup to Flappy Bird and the Star Wars take on Clash of Clans. Swing Copters (App Store / Google Play) is insanely difficult, even more so than Flappy Bird. I haven’t gotten a single point yet! I haven’t had much time with Star Wars Commander (only App Store for now) yet but it seems to lack the same amount of polish as CoC, which is surprising considering the IP.

Book(s Depository) haul

This technically wasn’t done this week as I placed the order weeks ago and several of them had been drifting into my mailbox in drips and drabs but I collected a large parcel with all the remaining ones yesterday so I’m totally counting it anyway.


As you can see, I went crazy on BD and ordered what feels like half the site in one sitting (and I still have several books on my wishlist/cart). I’m not going to post all the synopses here but I will link to their Goodreads pages below so you can head over there to take a look if any title perks your fancy. 

Wizard’s Hall (Jane Yolen) – apparently this is Harry Potter before the Harry Potter series was released and I was quite surprised BD had it in stock.

Enma the Immortal (Fumi Nakamura), The Sword of Kuromori (Jason Rohan), Fear and Trembling (Amelie Nothomb), and Kamikaze Girls (Novala Takemoto) – as most readers of this blog would know, I’m a huge Japanophile and any (decently-reviewed) book about or featuring Japanese culture is an instant buy for me.

Wreck This Journal (Keri Smith) – wasn’t really keen on doing this at first but the idea slowly warmed up to me (as most ideas do, because I am slow on the uptake) and, the moment I found a friend who wanted to do it with me at the same time, the order was placed.

Wildwood (Colin Meloy + Carson Ellis) – the reviews I came across for this one all insisted that I had to get the hard copy instead of the ebook version because of the illustrations; it really does look quite pretty.

Winger (Andrew Smith) – great reviews + great price = great buy.

The Year of Reading Dangerously (Andy Miller) – as my Booktube (and book blog) addictions would attest to, I love reading about people reading and this book has been on my wishlist since I first came across it in Kinokuniya.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Ransom Riggs) – not normally a fan of creepy books but this one had an intriguing concept (of stories being written around real-life photos); again, a realbook > ebook case due to all the photos.

Suffice to say, I have enough books to last me a couple of lifetimes.


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