Weekly Wrap-up.

I’ve changed the weekly column’s name to Weekly Wrap-up from Weekly Updates. This move is not motivated by any real semantic revelation but just sounds better to me. Also, as you might have noticed in posts past, I heart alliteration.

Plus, I’ve expanded these posts to include not only things I’d been up to but also news that piqued my interest(s). In future, I’ll also be adding summaries of posts I’d done over the week.

As with last week, I spent most of the week in reservist (and, again, ended it with a visit to the Singapore Night Festival). Still, there was an insane load of gaming-related excitement to keep me busy.

What happens in Vegas…gets posted here online


By far the most exciting thing I was waiting for all week was the release of Tiny Tower Vegas (App Store / Google Play). The original Tiny Tower (and some of its clones) ranks amongst my favourite mobile games (and is one of the few that I still play to this day) and I obsessively checked the app store in case it came out early.

While I don’t think the game is as amazing as most of the reviewers made it out to be (fuller review coming soon!), it’s still TT and I’ve been going at it like, well, gamblers go at their slot machines (or whatever gamblers go for).


Had a perfect start to the game too!


My very first guest was from my country and, after figuring out how to bid more than one chip in the slot level, I threw caution to the wind, bid the maximum and hit jackpot on my very first try!

Super ultra deluxe max street fighting

Because I apparently still don’t have enough games to last me the next few decades, I got Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition on the Capcom sale on the Nintendo eshop (to the tune of ~SGD14). Even though I’ve never actually progressed beyond button mashing my way through any fighting game, I’ve always been a huge fan of the genre and I figured I shouldn’t let my Vita hog all the fighting action.

Plus, with my PS3 out of commission, this is the only way I can some of that paintbrushy SFIV goodness.


Speaking of the 3DS, Nintendo dropped a pretty huge surprise on everybody this week with the announcement that they’re releasing a whole new version of the 3DS (and 3DS XL) that features larger screen sizes (and, well, sizes), better processors, longer battery lives, new buttons, and exclusive games.

(action starts around 13:25)

I think it’s kind of a nasty move by the Big N, especially considering how many just got their 3DS XLs because of Pokémon X/Y. Still, I might actually change to one, provided I find a shop around here that lets me trade in my current XL for a decent price.

Untitled Untitled2

My biggest gripe with the existing 3DS lines is that the XL is way too clunky to carry around comfortably but the 3DS’s screens are too small. The new 3DS sounds like it’ll be a good compromise between those two. Plus, changeable face plates sound pretty awesome.


Nintendo has been on a huge roll this week; other than the above-mentioned sales and news, they finally announced the game that they had leaked a few seconds of a while back and it’s super exciting.

A Pokémon-Tekken mix is something I think many fans wanted but never believed would actually happen and it sounds like a really cool idea. I like the fact that it’s not going to feature Tekken characters and thus is totally Pokémon-centric.

It’s only available in (Japanese) arcades for now but I’m really hoping it’ll come to home consoles too. If it does, this would be the game that makes me hit my Wii-U-buying critical mass.

Nalgene? More like Nah-gene, am I right?

In the only non-gaming related bit this week, I’ve finally contributed to a Kickstarter project!


Source: Kickstarter

Will be posting more on this separately but I’m totally stoked that I’ve finally managed to find a water bottle that fits my criteria pretty much perfectly. Cannot wait for this to come.


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