Weekly Wrap-up.

On a personal front, this has been a pretty exciting week. I attended training for my new job and enjoyed my last few days of rest before I start work proper tomorrow morning. I’m basically a walking bundle of butterflies right now so this entry will be short.

An Apple a year keeps financial security away

Unless you’ve been living under a fruitless regime this week, you’ll know that Apple has announced their latest two products.

To be honest, I was actually more interested in the iWatch Apple Watch before they did the keynote but it looks a little meh so far. On a purely design level, I’m not a fan of portrait-oriented rectangular watch faces, having the daintiest wrists this side of Bambi. The design itself is kinda underwhelming, too, given all the hype. If only it looked more like the Moto 360.

Still, I’ll probably get all excited when I get my hands on one one on my hand and grab it. The USD400 price tag is quite scary, though.

Although I wasn’t totally excited about the iPhone 6 (being stuck in the middle of a phone contract), it really does look like attractive. One of my only problems with the iPhone 5s is that the screen is just a tad too small and this new one remedies that perfectly (my other problem? A lack of Swiftkey. Which is, I can’t believe it, coming!). Having used both iPhones and Androids with 5+” screens, I really think 4.7″ is the perfect size.

It’ll be weird, though, to have an Apple flagship that for the first time, will not be the most powerful phone from that brand, thanks to the iPhone 6 Plus.


In Pokemon news, this week saw the announcing of three new Mega form(e)s. While I’m kinda meh about Camerupt and I totally thought Gallade already had one, I’ve always had a thing for Sharpedo. My only gripe is…

Source: Serebii

…It’s super powerful now and yet the poor fella’ still only has half a body?


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