Weekly Wrap-up: itchy tongues.

It’s been a week of both trying out new (to me) eating places and dishes and revisiting old favourites. Don’t have any pictures from my first time at 49 Seats (because: too dark for good photos) and revisit to Ssikkek Korean BBQ (because: grease and oil), the following are some of the other new things I’ve tried over the past few days.IMG_4770.PNG

Cucumber ice-blended shake (from Thirst): Thirst is one of those hidden little treasures (tucked away in a quiet corner of Bukit Timah Shopping Centre) with a handful of interesting beverages.

I’ve heard quite a bit about this drink but had never mustered up the courage to try it (thanks to people telling me it was too cucumbery, whatever that means) but I finally shelled out the S$4 after a long jog and wanted something healthy(ish). It turned out to be unexpectedly sweet and tasty! Plus, I never realised how close watermelon and cucumbers taste. Awesome.

Salted sourplum and lychee rose ice cream (from Seriously Ice Cream): I finally got to visit one of the many cafes in the fabled Everton Park, even if it wasn’t for a main meal. This cafe serves several exotic-sounding, supposedly healthily-prepared options and I picked these two. The salted sourplum was disappointingly bland but the lychee rose was great, with a perfect balance of its two components.

Churros (from Spanish Doughnuts): I’ve always loved churros and was so sad when the kiosk outside Far East Plaza closed several years back to make space for a Sweet Talk. I was so excited when Churrosity popped up in Holland Village a few months back (and it’s so good, too) and when I saw this at Orchard Central, I knew I had to give it a try. I didn’t get to try it till this week, though, because it has had inexplicably monstrous queues and sold out the last few times I was at OC.

It was slightly disappointing, though. While crisp and freshly prepared (as freshly prepared as deep-fried flour can taste), the churros tasted too starchy and weren’t sweet enough and the dips given all tasted pretty cheap (think all the Meiji chocolate flavours). Still, I’m quite glad that churros seems to be a Thing here again since that hopefully means more choices appearing.

Taro milk tea (Gong Cha): like every Singaporean Asian, I’ve never really gotten out of the bubble tea craze and I visit Gong Cha (or one of its brethren) on a weekly basis. I’ve never tried their taro drinks, though, because I’ve always been a bit yeurgh on yam-related foods. Still, I decided to be adventurous today and got this with a large scoop of white pearls (which are basically hard jellies). It was surprisingly great! Totally coming round to purple roots now.


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