Weekly Wrap-up.

This week was a short one at work, thanks to a public holiday on Monday. That extra rest was much needed since I seemed to have some kind of infection/flu/sinusitis trying to ram itself, quite literally, down my throat (and up my nose). Still, though, it seems to be letting up slightly and at least I seem to have gotten my voice back, which is kinda important seeing as I’m a teacher and all.

A few days ago, more CoroCoro scans revealed two more mega Pokémon and, lo and behold, they’re some Gen 1 classics!

Source: Serebii

Mega Pidgeot just looks like a Pidgeot had some fun times with a Swellow (or decided to get a dye job) and then randomly awakened his Rinnegan. Still, it’s nice to see the original cannon fodder bird getting some love. I’ve always preferred his design over Fearow’s, even if Drill Peck was sort of a dealbreakermaker.

Source: Serebii

I never thought I would see a Mega Beedrill but here it is! It looks really cool, too. Like Pidgeot, I preferred this one’s design over its pollen-loving counterpart but always had to go with Butterfree (and its early level Confusion) because that Pikachu/Charmander sure wasn’t going to beat Brock’s Onyx on its own. Beedrill’s stats are so low that even a mega evolution probably won’t elevate it much but hopefully it will make it that little bit more battle viable.

What I love about these two new megas is how random they are. They aren’t really related to Ruby and Sapphire in any way, and even in their original generation they weren’t particular standouts or fan favourites. This gives me hope for a Mega Golduck, Raticate or -dare I say it- Dunsparce.


One thought on “Weekly Wrap-up.

  1. bluehobbes says:

    I was so excited to see these! It makes me hopeful that there are many more mega evolutions for deserving Pokemon (like Golduck or Dunsparce, that would be amazing) that haven’t been revealed yet.

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