Weekly Wrap-up.

It’s been a pretty quiet week for me – not much excitement, not much change. On the Pokémon ORAS front, though, there was quite a bit of goings-on.

Source: Serebii

The first would be the two new steel Megas. I’m really digging (heh.) Steelix’s mega forme. It looks even more epic now, but also kinda fabulous. Really not feeling Mega Glalie, though. I quite like the original Glalie’s design but this one, with the disproportionately gaping jaw, just looks so jarring (or should I say…jawring?).

Also, now you can fly around on Latios/as and navigate the world map (!!!) and also visit several special locations to get pretty much ever legendary ever.

I have to say that for a remake game, this upcoming release seems to be really feature-filled and complete. Hooray to the passing of the days where the remakes were just perfunctory graphical updates with a few modern nods here and there.

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