Weekly wrap-up: Instagram edition.

In a welcome change from the serenity of last week, these past few days have been really exciting. Because I’ve been a good social media slave (and because I might post longer blurbs on the upcoming items), here’s a photo recap of the most noteworthy events, presented in their Instagrammed forms (or non-squared but still overly-filtered iterations):


Motivated by desperation for eating space in an overcrowded mall, I finally decided to visit the Old-Chang-Kee-owned Curry Times, which I had previously hesitated about because how good could a restaurant run by a fried snacks chain be, right? It turned out to be really really good.


I finally got to watch a professional tennis match live after being limited to the TV for so many years, thanks to the WTA Finals being held in Singapore for the first time. Lucked out and not only got to watch Serena Williams in full, dominating action against Genie Bouchard on the night I went, but also got to see Martina Navratilova and Tracy Austin later on!

I’ve been yearning to upgrade my iPad Mini since I needed a more recent processor to run some apps properly and also for a retina screen experience since I mainly use it for reading. Instead of getting an iPad Mini 3, though, I got the almost identical iPad Mini 2. The only two features I’m missing out on are touch id and an additional 32gb but I reckon a S$220 discount is worth the nice-but-not-essential add-ons.


I paid a visit to the newly-reopened (after seven years!) library@orchard and was totally overwhelmed by the sheer amount of new, clean books. Snagged six from my wishlist, and that’s only because I had already maxed out my borrowing limit.


Lastly, I finally got my very first pair of Timberland shoes, having waited for one for years. I’ve been looking for a replacement for my crummy Crocs suede shoes and when I saw this pair selling for a 20% discount, I knew I could stop the search.

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