Yup, I got the memo(bottle).

[This post is done as part of GaCoWriMo, my own personal twist to NaNoWriMo.]

A couple of weeks ago, I contributed to my very first Kickstarter project. After months of looking at cool things that I don’t really need, I finally decided to pledge for…another cool thing that I don’t really need but would be marginally better than my current options.


I got the Memobottle (more details here, project already closed), which is basically a bottle that is flatly shaped (rather than the usual cylinders), which means that it fits much more neatly into bags.


I know this is ridiculously #firstworldproblem sounding, but I hate it when I carry a huge cylindrical bottle (which I always do because hydration is, quite literally, life) and it gives the bag an odd, ugly bulge and jabs painfully into my back. Like many great inventions, the Memobottle solves a small problem that I never needed solving, or that could be solved.


Plus, I’ve been looking for a bottle that carries about 750ml because the 1l ones sold in stores are all way too huge and heavy but the 500ml ones I have hold too little for long commutes or days spent out. The A5 model of the Memobottle hold just the right amount and I’m really excited to get mine next month.


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