WTA Final(ly in Singapore).

[This post is done as part of GaCoWriMo, my own personal twist to NaNoWriMo.]

A couple of weeks ago, the Women’s Tennis Association’s Finals tournament was held in Singapore (the first official tournament here) and, tennis being the only sport I follow obsessively but never having actually watched a match live, I knew I had to go down.

Thanks to a friend, I not only got my seats covered but they turned out to be from an awesome vantage point. Plus, I lucked out and got to see Queen Serena in action, having had to choose the date before the draw was announced.


It really is quite different watching a tennis match live (and from so far in front). It’s actually harder to follow the action compared to the eagle-eye view watching it on TV affords but it’s so cool to see the players just a couple of metres in front of you. Plus, the atmosphere in the crowd is totally different – much more exciting.


Serena was playing poor, overwhelmed Genie Bouchard. It was a pretty one-sided match but we did get to see some quality rallies in play and, of course, Serena’s killer serves.


The ticket covering the entire night’s play list, we also got to see Cara Black and Sania Mirza (the eventual doubles champions) in action. Following that was a legends exhibition, featuring recently retired Marion Bartoli, Tracy Austin, and MARTINA NAVRATILOVA (a.k.a. the one with all the records ever).

It ended pretty late but it’s all worth it when you get to see one of the all-time greats on court (and that’s after having seen another all-time great play a dominating, non-exhibition match earlier).


To keep my itchy tongue sated, I nibbled on the most appropriate snack for the occasion, even if it was ridiculously overpriced as stadium snacks are wont to be. Of course, the only flavour they had would be the really weird Quirky one. My friends all commented that it tasted like rubber but I actually liked it, I guess because I normally snack on tyres or something.

All-in-all, it was a pretty awesome night and I can’t wait for more tennis tourneys to be held here (on top of next year’s WTA Finals).


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