Whatsapp with everyone? Why are they all so ticked off?

[This post is done as part of GaCoWriMo, my own personal twist to NaNoWriMo.]

In trying to find a suitable picture for this post, I now know how app makers feel when they have to submit screenshots for their app store entries.

Yesterday, Whatsapp users the world over (or, Whatsapp users the world over who were observant enough) found their messages accompanied with blue double ticks, heralding the arrival of Whatsapp’s long-overdue “Message Read” status update.

For the uninitiated, the original grey (or green) double checks in Whatsapp vernacular only meant that the message had been delivered to the recipient’s phone (and a single check meant it had been sent to the server but hadn’t yet been delivered). It didn’t mean, as many thought, that the recipient had actually read it. That has all changed now with the new blue marks.

The update has caused a mini furor online, I’m assuming because the blue marks look kinda out of place with the rest of the app’s colour palette or, more probably, because people don’t want the sender to think they’ve read the message because whoever looks at the “last seen at” status line right?

Personally, I’m glad this update is finally here, if only because the original double ticks weren’t actually very useful, not to mention confusing to the less tech-savvy (read: our mums).

Instead of that odd blue, though, I wish they were green or some other shade of grey. I mean, there are apparently 49 more shades of that to choose from. Plus, it’s a little buggy as some messages I sent out didn’t turn blue (while others did) despite the fact that the sender had already replied to them. It’s either bugs or I have psychic friends – either case is not ideal, y’all.

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