Favourite Naruto characters.

[This post is done as part of GaCoWriMo, my own personal twist to NaNoWriMo. It’s also part of my Naruto sendoff series.]

The Naruto series has a gazillion semi-regular characters and, as I mentioned in my series review, the pool is so diverse that there is pretty much a favourite for every fan. Here are some of mine:

Favourite character – Hashirama Senju

Hashirama is one of the most powerful shinobi who’s ever lived but unlike some overpowered characters from other series (or even this one, read: Naruto and his million variations of Rasengan), he isn’t just a one-trick pony stallion. His wood powers are not only unique (that is, until everyone and their mum started to infuse his DNA) but also varied and his whole repertoire of epic moves is just plain impressive.

Most importantly, against all expectation, Hashimaru turned out to be a huge doof. Goofballs (especially unexpected ones) are always my favourites.

Favourite pairing – the fountains of youth

While the rest of the Naruto fandom is busy shipping NaruHina, Sasuke-Sakura (SasuKura?), and, I don’t know, Tsunade-OldPerv (OldSakura?), the pairing of Guy and Lee has always been by far my favourite.

Their relentless enthusiasm, obsession with the wonders of youth, and Lee’s mimicking of his mentor have lent moments of brevity to many a serious moment.

Favourite team – the Hokage

I was trying to figure out which of the rookie teams I liked the most when I realised that I wasn’t really a fan of any of them. Instead, my thoughts strayed to other groups like the Akatsuki and then to the Kages before finally settling on the four Hokage (pre-Slug Princess).

The Hokage roster reads like a Fantasy Naruto League dream team and encompasses an incredible range of unique abilities and moves. I also love that they all have different personalities (the above-mentioned Hashimaru and Minato being my faves) and, despite that, had such great chemistry that they worked so well together in their battle on such short notice.

Compiling this list was a lot harder than I expected, with a whole slew of other candidates vying for each spot.

Dear reader, who are your favourite Naruto characters?


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