[FFF] Features of Pokémon ORAS I’m most excited about.

[This post is done as part of GaCoWriMo, my own personal twist to NaNoWriMo. It is also part of my FFF: Friday Favourite Five series. It is also the first in my Countdown to Pokémon ORAS series. How efficient am I?!]

The RubySapphireEmerald entries have always been the low point in the Pokémon series for me. Perhaps it was due to the lacklustre roster of new critters, or the same-old-same-old feel, or even just burnout from playing too much Pokémon in the two generations before that – whatever the case, this generation was the one I completed the least amount of times. I had thought this was a commonly held opinion but I thought wrong because the fansplosion at the announcement of RSE remakes was nothing short of pandemonium.

This time round, though, I might finally jump on the RSE bullet train. Thanks to a steady stream of previews and leaks from Nintendo, the games look quite exciting, so much so that I’m reviving my catatonic FFF column just for it. Unlike previous remakes which had been more cosmetic than anything, at the most just bringing an older generation up to speed with a later generations’ mechanics and features, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is packing so many new or massively reworked features that it’s approaching the sheer size of a full new game. The following are my five favourite:

1. Upgraded bases

The secret home base, an old favourite, is not only back but hugely upsized! The bases now come with a whole host of new things to do, the most exciting of which is the ability to convert it into your own gym, where friends can overcome in-gym challenges and then fight you under battle rules you set. I mean, we finally get to be gym leaders – how cool is that!

2. Latios used Fly!

This is a really cool new feature where you can summon a Latios/as and fly around the region of Hoenn, even running into wild and legendary Pokémon up there. It really does add a whole new dimension (heh) to the series.

3. Delta Episode

Just announced today, this is a new part of the game that ties the mysteries of the mega stones explored in the XY series with the history of the RSE series. Plus, it’ll apparently end in an epic fight between Rayquaza and Deoxys. It’s so newly announced that I’m not even sure if this will be DLC or come with the game but it’s good to see that even a remake can come with brand new (and quite interesting) content.

4. I contest!

Although contests were the major new feature in the original RSE generation, I never got into them because they always felt like a quickly dashed out concept that Game Freak shoved into the games just to look like there was something fancy and new. This time round, they seem to have filled out the contests with new features and perhaps it’s finally time I give it a good whirl.

5. Upsize, please!


I wasn’t sure if there would be Mega Pokémon in ORAS at all but not only did Game Freak include them, they threw in a whole slew of them. I’m quite excited for several of them (which, of course, is a whole post of its own coming soon) and it’s great to see that just because it’s a remake doesn’t mean this series would be getting the short end of the stick.

So, these are the five things I’m most looking forward to in ORAS (and with two weeks left, who knows what else Nintendo could have up its sleeves). In the coming two weeks, I’ll be coming up with a whole bunch of posts counting down to the 21/11 release date so stay tuned!

Dear reader, are you planning on getting Pokémon ORAS? What features are you most excited about?

[All images from Serebii]


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