My dream Pokémon game.

[This post is done as part of GaCoWriMo, my own personal twist to NaNoWriMo. It is also part of my Countdown to Pokémon ORAS series.]

With Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (ORAS) coming out tomorrow, the reviews have started pouring in and they’re generally quite positive (not to mention meme-worthy) and I’m looking forward to this game more than I did its original (even if there’s too much water).

Source: knowyourmeme


Source: knowyourmeme

(Seriously, though, surfing is really annoying in this game. There better not be too much. #tentacruelty)

Still, as good as ORAS probably is and the games in general are, there are several features that I would really like to see added to the series. Sure, some of them are highly improbable, but dreams do come true right? (Looking at you, Munna). My dream Pokémon game would have the following:

  1. Hyper graphics: visuals have never been the selling point of the Pokémon series but it wouldn’t hurt to look awesome. Sure, the series has seen some updates over time (most notably the jump from GSC to RSE) but I’ve always felt that even the 3D graphics have been underwhelming. It would be nice to see a game with uber-realistic graphics (a la Dragon Age or Final Fantasy). If Monster Hunter can achieve it on the 3DS, I don’t see why this series can’t. If a hyper realistic style can’t (or won’t, because it’s still a kids game after all) be achieved, then the series would do well to adopt a super stylized cartoonish look (a la WoW or the cel-shaded Zelda games). As it is, the graphics are a little not-here-not-there and I wish they would just pick a direction and go with it fully.
  2. All regions: one of the reasons why the GSC generation was so awesome (at least to me) was its inclusion of the Kanto region in the post-game. Sure, there wasn’t much to do there except fight high-level trainers and gym leaders and revisit landmarks from the previous generation but it made the game feel so much larger (not to mention bring on the nostalgia love). It would be epic if Nintendo came out with a be-all-end-all game that had all the regions, all the gym leaders, all the E4, and all the Pokémon.
  3. MMO-style: this is one of the more common features that I see requested for and there are a few fan projects trying the idea out but it would be cool to see the Big N officially do this. The core game could be left as a single-player experience but there could be multiplayer missions, quests and huge world events added on which would make the Pokémon world feel so much more grander.
  4. Career options: while the Pokémon series has always been about becoming the best trainer in the world, it would be nice if focus was also given to other jobs in the game. There has been some perfunctory love given to contests but I think there’s always more potential there (or with breeders, for example). Even for those bent on fighting their way to the top, the game could always allow them to become gym leaders, Elite Four members, or even (tying in to #3) let them be a champion that other (real) players can challenge.
  5. Real-time battle: this is more optional than the others because I think the gameplay core is great as it is (not to mention Game Freak would probably never implement this in a main game since it changes the game totally) but it would be cool to see the battles in real time, with actual interaction between the Pokémon (like in the anime).

As can be seen, most of my dream features actually would work pretty well together. Apparently, what I’m asking for is Guild Wars with Pokémon, basically.

Dear reader, are you going to be getting Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire? What would your dream Pokémon game be like?


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