I’m back! Well, technically I’ve been home since last night but I wasn’t planning to post till tomorrow, having spent last night and most of today unpacking and taking a break from the backbreaking task of immensely enjoying myself in a foreign country for eight days straight.

Still, I had to force myself back here amidst all the shoveling clothes into laundry baskets because I came across a super exciting (to me) announcement!

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is apparently getting a HD update and not only returning to Windows, but also coming to iOS (and Android) tablets!

Other than Pokémon, no other title has defined my childhood gaming experience or remains firmly lodged on my all-time favourites list more than HoMM3. Sure, competent sequels have followed in the years since but I haven’t devoured them anywhere as voraciously.

I’m not sure if the HD update is applying to all versions and if there will be any other new features added (there’s apparently going to be some kind of online lobby for the Windows version; no word on the tablet ones) but even without them, I’d still be pumping my dough to Ubisoft on launch day just for the chance to be able to play one of my favourite games on my iPad.

Of course, it would really be awesome if they go the whole way and update the graphics, add online play and throw in a few more campaigns and/or factions.

The game is apparently getting (re)released at the end of Jan ’15, which means this is going to be a long month ahead, holidays aside.

Dear reader, have you played HoMM3 (or any HoMM) before? What were your thoughts on the series?

Source of info: Joystiq

[Update: according to TouchArcade, this game won’t even have the expansion content, being based solely on the original due to lost source codes. That’s slightly disappointing but hey, a Conflux-free HoMM3 is still HoMM3.]

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