Weekly Wrap-up.

This has been a hectic week! I arrived back on Tuesday after a nine-day sojourn in Taipei and immediately went back to my work place the next day for a short meeting with my mentor. The following day, I accompanied my mum for her operation at the hospital, where I stayed overnight and did a surprising amount of work (and ate an even more surprising amount of snacks) while cooped up in the ward.

Since then, it’s been unpacking (and laundry) galore and also some preparation for my work next year, stuff I hadn’t managed to finish before I left for my trip.

I did take time out to give library@orchard another go after the amazing haul from the previous time and got rewarded with another pile of books straight from my to-find list! At least, I was prepared this time and brought a little tote to carry the books, although it was still (quite literally) a drag to lug all those tomes around. Look out for the full haul post coming soon.



I also got some new games on the (really) cheap! Gog.com has been having massive bundle sales and discounts over the past few weeks and I’ve had these games on my wishlist for quite a while. Although their normal discounted prices (or even their normal prices) were already a bargain, I decided to wait for the flash sales and whatnot and my patience paid off!

I got Theme Hospital, a classic game which everyone has played except me apparently, for 60% off. This was the only game which wasn’t on a flash sale or anything but the “normal” winter discount they were offering was already good enough, especially considering how cheap the game is anyway.

The Witcher has been a game I’ve been wanting to get my gaming paws on for a loooooong while and its winter sale price (of 50% off) was already a steal but I decided to wait just that bit longer and was rewarded with it being flash bundled with its even more highly rated sequel. And all for the same total price that I would have paid for just the first one!

Hatoful Boyfriend is the only new game on the list and was the one I was most hesitant to get as it was “only” at 30% for most of the sale period. Thankfully, it was part of a flash sale that I just managed to catch, going for a whopping 70% discount! For the uninitiated who think it looks weird, it…totally is. It’s basically a (surprisingly highly rated) dating sim with pigeons. With. PIGEONS. I didn’t expect to see it get flash discounted since it’s such a random game and they have so many on the site but yay to luck working to my favour for once.

And the games come with so many extras too! Check out the whole load of stuff that came with my Witcher 2 purchase.


Next week: more books, more work, more blogging (hopefully)!

Dear reader, how was your week?


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