Weekly Wrap-up.

As per usual, my weekly post will be told through pictures because I’m lazy they tell a thousand words each and economy of words is ace. The main focus of my week has actually been on finishing up my work preparations for next year but because that doesn’t make for terribly exciting photos, here are the rest of the things I’ve done the past seven days. This week, I…

…got several new items.


Got myself a new Starbucks tumbler and a moustache pencil case because I’m hipster like that. And also missed Movember.


I got these through my cell group’s gift exchange and the awesome thing is that some of them were specifically meant for me while others were drawn from the raffle and yet they’re all perfected suited to my tastes.

…I attended a free coffee tasting seminar at Starbucks.


Was doing my work at Starbucks when a barista came by and asked if we wanted to join a free coffee seminar where we got to understand briefly how to go about Tasting it, and were treated to free coffee, snacks and even some take-home packs of powder.

…caught up with friends.



Marcus and XW attended the afore-mentioned Starbucks seminar with me before we had a sumptuous (if slightly lousier than usual) meal at Chic-A-Boo.


Speaking of Starbucks, I also hung out with Shannon back in my alma mater which, since it’s term break, was wonderfully empty and spacious.


Caught up with the sec school gang for a pre-Christmas-meet-up meet-up.


Had the afore-mentioned gift exchange with my cell mates.


Ended the week by meeting my BMT best bud Kenneth (I cannot believe it’s been six years since we first stepped into Tekong) for brunch in the East.

…the week (well, a week) of over-eating.


The fantastic and seriously underrated nasi lemak from Curry Times.


The pretty (but pretty generic) fare at Refuel, where I met up with Kenneth.

(Oh, and that’s not to forget the above-mentioned Chic-A-Boo, my cell group celebration where we bought way too much food and then bought a dessert as large as our dinner, and of course the many many cups of Starbucks.)

…and wrote three posts (even if one of them was a totally cheating placeholder of a post).

Oh, and I got an iPhone 6.


‘Nuff said.

Dear reader, how was your week?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up.

  1. ouidepuis1 says:

    You got spoiled and it’s not even Christmas yet! My week was pretty good. Picked out a camping spot for the weekend after Christmas, wrapped gifts for little people (oh the joy of giving), had some pretty good coffees too 🙂 and got the bf some jaw-dropping-awesome gifts!

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