[Book/story? review] Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson.


From “New York Times” bestselling author Brandon Sanderson’s action-packed novel “Steelheart” comes “Mitosis,” a short story set in the world of The Reckoners series, exclusively available in the digital format.

Steelheart may be dead, but Epics still plague Newcago and David and the Reckoners have vowed to fight back.

Catch all the action before “Firefight,” the exciting sequel to “Steelheart,” hits shelves in January 2015.


Brandon Sanderson is one of the authors I love (and since he comes out with like five new books a week, there’s a lot to love) but I’ve always felt that his longer books are wayyyyy better than his novellas.

That’s not how I feel about Mitosis.

Mitosis chronicles an encounter between the Reckoners and a villain who can generate clones of himself, and is set after the events of Steelheart (which means you should only read this after completing that, unless you get some sort of weird high from not knowing what is going on).

Let’s make it clear: I think Mitosis barely even qualifies as a novella. It’s short. Really short. I’m talking finish-in-one-bus-ride-to-town short, and that’s coming from a glacial reader like me who took days to finish the minibook that is We Were Liars.

Its brevity actually helps, though. Instead of trying to stretch a short story’s worth of content (like with the boring Mistborn novellas), Sanderson just hits the ground galloping – the book is nonstop action from start to (really quickly) end. Sanderson’s trademark knack for engaging, fast-moving plots is in full force here, minus an inexplicably detailed city description in the middle.

Plus, the fact that this villain was introduced and resolved in this single story, like some sort of monster-of-the-week to fill in episodes between epic arcs, feels like a cool nod to the genre.

Despite its brevity and “filler” feel, though, the book does actually help bridge Steelheart to the next book, offering a glimpse into the world immediately following the events of the first title.

Before this, I thought BSand’s writing quality correlates to length – the longer the better; this shows, though, that it’s just his midrange that’s a little not-here-not-there – his short stories are as gripping (if nowhere near as grand) as his epics.

Completionist fans should definitely give this a go, since most readers would be able to blow through it in, like, a pee break. It’s not going to value add significantly to the next book, but it never hurts to gobble a little extra meat.

Rating: a strong buy/borrow/bin, especially for those aching for a little something before Firefight comes out


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