[2014 Wrap-up] Me.

[This post is part of the Gabriel’s Countdown to 2015 series.]

2013 was a pretty exciting year for me and, continuing the trend, 2014 brought with it several big events and life changes as well. Most notably, this year was…

The year of the career transition

Probably the biggest change this year, I switched jobs (and industries) and it’s been a pretty wild ride since. While I do miss the flexibility (and ample breaks with no overtime) of my old job, the one I have now is much more suited to my passions, not to mention much more stable. The coming year looks it’ll be even more exciting (and stressful) career-wise so stay tuned for more semi-cryptic posts about it!

The (second) year of the concerts

Watching JJ in concert opened some sort of floodgate within me and I attended two megastar concerts this year. I finally got to see Singapore’s pride and joy Stefanie Sun live (although it was slightly hampered by her sickness a week before, which resulted in her losing her voice halfway through the concert) and also the insanely talented Pentatonix. My ears have never been so pampered.

The year of the camp

As a final hurrah to my time in my church’s children ministry, I joined the organising committee for a bi-annual camp and it was a pretty exciting, if draining, time. I’m just thankful that it came during a time when my work was dying down and I had plenty of free time to devote to it.

The year of the WTA Finals

As a huge tennis fan, I’ve always wanted to catch some world level matches live and I finally got the chance this year when the WTA Finals came to Singapore. Although I’d much rather watch Roger Federer in action, this was definitely still an eye-opener.

The year of NaNoWriMo

Well, not exactly. Having finally had time to spend on NaNoWriMo this year, I totally forgot about it till two days before November and therefore did an adjusted version where, instead of writing a gazillion-word novel in a month, I would blog every single day. I’m quite proud to say that I successfully completed it and even learnt some things in the process.

The year of the trip

I’ve never been particularly wanderlusty but this year I decided to head overseas during the school holidays because any excuse to eat, shop, and rest excessively is I felt a short break would do me good. Plus, I got to do it with the best friend XW! It was such a wonderful trip too – the weather (averaging 16 degrees celsius daily) was fantastic, the food amazing(ly cheap), the shopping totally worth it, the sights a glory to behold (seriously, sipping tea while sitting serenely atop a freezing mountain was quite the experience), and the company perfect.

If you missed it, here are my 2014 wrap-up posts where I…

talked about what music hogged my earphones.

detailed the games that kept my fingers busy.

examined the apps that (literally) changed my life.

awarded the best books I’d read all year with the prizes they deserve (…even if it’s not the prizes they necessarily want).

Looking forward, 2015 is going to be an even bigger (and hopefully even better) year and I cannot wait to see what it brings.

Dear reader, how was your year?


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