2015: KPI Targets.

In reading up to prepare for my resolutions this year, I came across my resolutions post from 2012 where I detailed what I found out about goals and resolutions and how to go about setting them. Since that ended up working pretty well for me, I’ll be re-adopting that system (having inexplicably not set resolutions last year).

In 2015, I resolve to…

Goals (specific, attainable operationalisations of a target state)

…read 55 books for pleasure.

…save/invest at least 50% of my total income.

…pass my IPPT.

…pass my work evaluations and move on to the next phase.

…have started on Japanese lessons.

…have met up with a financial planner, come up with a plan for my finances and generated a file for my own reference (this is as far as I know how to operationalise this).

…have started on my podcast/vlog.

Resolutions (more permanent life changes that don’t stop after reaching a target)

…exercise at least three times a week (with at least 45 intensive minutes each session).

…clock in 10,000 steps per day at least six times a week.

…eat greasy/oily/fried foods maximum twice a month.

…drink bubble tea at most thrice in a fortnight.

…blog at least three times a week (not counting weekly wrap-ups).

…do at least one podcast/vlog a month.

…read at least one article/book chapter per week (on top of whatever required reading I have) that will aid my professional development.

…to keep to my calorie goals at least six days a week.

Unquantifiable general things to work on

…not let myself get too worked up or stressed out about things beyond my control and learn to channel that into more productive ways.

…be more sociable and push myself in social situations.

…spend more time with family and friends.

…do more than the minimum both in my professional and personal areas of life.

…to be as helpful as I can to those around me.

…practice good sleeping habits.

Hopefully, I’ve set achievable yet challenging goals/resolutions that will make for a better me.


Dear reader, how do you set your resolutions? What have you set for this coming year?


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