Weekly Wrap-up.

In a heady end to 2014, this past week has been a whole flurry of meetings, work prep, actual work, gatherings (at least one a day!), exercise, and blogging, which feels like a satisfactorily productive way to hit the ground running for 2015 too. In fact, after writing this post, I’ll be heading to my gran’s for one last gathering to close off the week.

In the midst of all that hecticity (which, y’all, totally sounds better than hecticness, doesn’t it? #wordsmith), I still somehow managed to find time to get crazily hooked on JJ’s new song.

The song is very trademark JJ, with a mildly groovy verse accompanied by a strong beat, followed by a melodious belty chorus that is impossible not to sing along to, even if you don’t know the words. Pardon the excessively long music video, though.

As stated above, there was much blogging during the (first part of the) week, which is a consistency I hope to maintain in the coming months. This week, I blogged about…

my most used apps for 2014.

my favourite books for 2014.

my own personal year in review.

my resolutions for this year (one of which I’ve already broken, stupid delicious bubble tea).

Dear reader, how was your week? Are you doing 2015 any different from how you did 2014?


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