[Tech review] Logitech Keys-To-Go keyboard

Several things drove me to get Logitech’s latest techcessory: its supposed portability; the fact that it’s small without sacrificing the size of its keys; great reviews; brand pedigree; and, well, the fact that it’s just so pretty.

I mean, check it out:2015/01/img_05991.jpgIt’s like a stylish unicorn trampled on Microsoft’s Surface Pro Touch Cover.

Does it actually perform as well as it looks, though? Let’s find out.2015/01/img_05981.jpgFirstly, the make of the keyboard is amazing. It’s so light that it puts my other Bluetooth keyboards (including the official Apple one) to shame. Plus, it’s really thin so it fits into any type of skinny bag. Despite the fact that it’s barely longer than my iPad Mini on its side, the keys are a lot larger than, say, Zaggkey’s ones.2015/01/img_05971.jpgLogitech’s FabricSkin is all sorts of amazing too. It’s not necessarily premium but it feels far from cheap. Plus, it’s supposed to be dust, spill and crumbs resistant so it’s great for those late nights involving bouts of typing, foods, and a general state of sleepiness. Or, y’know, if you need an emergency plate or something.2015/01/img_0585.jpgThe tactility of the keys takes a while to get used to but once you do it’s great. Initially, I found the keys a bit too mushy but after churning out an (admittedly wordy) entry – I don’t know whether it was just the keys needing to warm up or the fact that I gradually got used to it – I suddenly realised that I hadn’t had to consciously track my typing and it had become effortless and smooth.2015/01/img_0584.jpgThis lack of consciousness about the act of typing is something I’ve only ever really encountered on Apple laptops and certainly not with any other Bluetooth keyboards (even the Zaggkeys’, which I had felt was better than this one on initial typing).2015/01/img_0582.jpgAll in all, the Keys-To-Go is a great (if clunkily named) option for those looking to do some serious typing, well, on-the-go. It’s thin, it’s light, it has inexplicably large keys, and feels great (after a while). Plus, considering its quality, it’s pretty forgiving on the wallet too.

Rating: buy/borrow/bin

ps. The first draft of this review was written solely using this keyboard. And it wasn’t harder or more uncomfortable than doing it from my PC. At all.

Dear reader, do you use Bluetooth keyboards? Which ones have you had the best/worst experiences with?


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