Weekly Wrap-up.

This week has been insane hectic, with the start of the new year bringing with it a whole load of new work challenges, new schedules to adapt to, and whole classes of new students (with the ensuing administrative mountains to climb). It’s been really exciting and eye-opening, if terribly tiring. I can only imagine it gets even busier from here so fingers crossed that I’ll eventually get used to it.

On more personal notes, it’s only slightly more than a week into 2015 and I’ve had to scramble to meet some resolutions, spending the last two days exercising and blog churning. Still, that’s what resolutions are there for – providing tough, but achievable, targets – and it feels great to keep to my promises. Now, I just have to do this another 51 times.

Still, I’ll probably have a quarterly check on my resolutions come end-March to see if anything needs to be adjusted. For realism. Yeah, that’s totally it.

Posts I’ve written this week:

Dear reader, how was your first full week of 2015?


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