Podcast Party! (Part Two)

[This post is part of the Podcast Party! mini series.]

In my first party post, I detailed my Podcast Party guest list – the cool attendees that would spice up even the dullest of gatherings. In this follow-up, I’ll take a brief look at the potential invitees i.e. podcasts I’ve heard so much about and want to try but haven’t actually gotten around to.


  • This American Life (i.e. the brainy top student whom everyone adores)

This one probably needs no introduction (and even if it did, I wouldn’t be able to provide one because I perused its Wiki page like three times and still have no idea what it actually is about). Consistently perched on top of the podcast charts, I’ve heard so much about this show (although, again, not what it actually is about) that it’s been on my TBL (to-be-listened…to) list for ages. The only thing that’s holding me back is the fact that it looks pretty heavy/serious and I’m usually for lighter listens while on the road.

  • Welcome to Night Vale (i.e. that kooky lit major with fantastic stories)

Another fan favourite, this one is a fictional radio show detailing the weird going-ons in the titular town and also has been on my TBL since day one. I’ve been following its Twitter, which is all sorts of awesome/weird (aweird?) on its own, for ages but haven’t listened to the podcast yet because I’ve heard that it’s not one of those shows you can faze out on and my concentration at 6.30am on a busy commute isn’t actually at its peak.

  • Serial (i.e. the new kid in town with prestigious connections)

The interwebz have been all abuzz with Serial, a fictional murder spin-off of This American Life and based purely on that (and the rave reviews that have popped out like, well, new podcasts since its arrival), I’ll give it a go someday. Still, it has the same problem as Welcome to Night Vale in that I actually have to devote some brain cells to it, and I’m generally not a fan of murder mysteries.

Dear reader, have you listened to any of these podcasts? Do you think I should invite them to my party? Is there anyone you’d strongly recommend for the list?


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