Podcast Party! (Part Three)

[This post is part of the Podcast Party! mini series.]


In the first two parts of this mini series, I detailed the confirmed guests for my Podcast Party as well as potential invitees. In this final installment, I’ll go over some really popular choices from others that I just cannot seem to click with.

  • StarTalk Radio (i.e. the president of the Science Club a.k.a. Most Likely to Be Head of NASA)

Neil Degrasse Tyson is awesome. His TV appearances and Twitter feeds are hodgepodges of randomly cool commentary, fun science trivia and oddly enlightening life quips. Unfortunately, though, I just can’t get into StarTalk. Sure, his signature dry wit is out in full force but I can’t help feeling like it’s more a one-person soliloquy (with the occasional guest) rather than a conversational piece between two (or more) hosts. Plus, his narrator-style way of speaking sure doesn’t dispel the feeling that I’m listening to a, well, radio talk show. Also, I guess I’m just not that into science stuff.

  • Girl on Guy (i.e. the head of the journalism and debate teams)

Like NDT, Aisha Tyler is pretty awesome. She does a whole load of comedy and geekery and I’m pretty disappointed that I just couldn’t get into her show despite several stabs at it. It should appeal greatly to me, on paper. Every episode she interviews a celebrity (from geek kings like Wil Wheaton to comedy stalwarts like Ryan Stiles from Whose Line Is It Anyways) and she’s funny, fast-talking and her ability to keep a conversation going is plain impressive. My problem with it, though, is that it’s just too long. Sure, there might be interesting tidbits about the interviewee’s life along the way but an hour and a half is just too long a time to invest into learning things about someone I might only be marginally interested about.

  • All the other Stuff… shows from the Discovery Network (i.e. the other top students with less personality)

Other than Stuff You Should Know (featured prominently in the first post), the Discovery Network is home to a whole slew of other similarly informative series, from the controversy-addicted Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know to the time machine that is Stuff You Missed In History Class to oddly specific advice columns like Stuff Your Mum Never Told You. While each of these ones are treasure troves of (perhaps more specific) information, their presenters don’t have anywhere near the same level of chemistry nor wit as Josh and Chuck. Plus, several of them suffer from the problem of having two very similar sounding hosts, which can lead to some confusing conversations to follow. These hosts aren’t terrible, per se, and the subject matter can be quite interesting but, having tried all of them, I can see why SYSK remains top of the roost.

And there you have it, my little Podcast Party guest series. Of course, I’ll be trying out new podcasts over time and future posts might feature radically different line-ups so stay tuned for more!

Dear reader, do you listen to podcasts? Are there any popular podcasts that you just can’t seem to get the hang of listening to?


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