Weekly Wrap-up.


This has been a really busy week, even more so than the previous one. I stayed back at work till near closing time every single day due to some meeting or event. Still, it felt pretty exhilarating to be so busy and learn so much, and it ended on a particularly productive note on Friday, where I spent several hours clearing out outstanding tasks.


I also went shopping for several items over the week, including a new pair of Sony wireless sports headphones (the review for which is coming soon), a label marker (which has come in remarkably handy at work), and some random clothes to say goodbye to the Singapore branches of Lowry’s Farm and Global Work. Oh, and I also spent a fair bit of money at Popular stocking up on racks, folders, and miscellaneous stationery (not pictured).


Most excitingly, my Blue Yeti has finally arrived from Amazon! I now have one less excuse to delay the start of what I’m sure will be a dazzling adventure as a podcaster.

This week, I managed to fulfill my resolutions, again, just in the nick of time, clocking in workouts both yesterday and today and finishing my third blog post of the week half an hour before writing this.

I wrote about…

the podcasts that I want to try someday.

the podcasts that everyone loves except me.

…and the latest addition to the Pokemon family.

Dear reader, how was your week?


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