Whatsapp with that?

Whatsapp has been my favourite (and most used) IM app for the longest time and one of the features I’ve always wanted for it was a web/desktop agent and/or cross platform synchronous messaging.

This morning, Whatsapp finally announced Whatsapp Web. It seems to run differently from other IM apps with web interfaces in that it seems to be going through your phone to do so – you cannot use it if your phone is turned off.

This would be all fine and dandy still, except that it only works if that said phone runs on Android! Apparently, due to the way that Apple structured its system and the way that the webapp runs, it cannot be used for Whatsapp accounts from iPhones and of course I’d have to be in one of my Apple phases now.

Still, I have high hopes that they’ll be able to rectify this one day. I know they run totally differently from other apps (although I’d be hard pressed to actually explain how) but hey if WeChat, Line, Telegram , and all the other assorted cross-platform apps can do it, so can a billion-dollar company.


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